It’s important that every adult have a will, advance directive (healthcare power of attorney/living will) and power of attorney.  It's usually a good idea to have an attorney experienced in these areas to help you with these matters but if you don't have an attorney or can't afford one, the following are legal resources recommended to us by others that provide some or all of these documents at no cost.  Living Smart doesn't provide legal assistance or advice and we have no affiliation with any of the for profit legal resource companies listed below.



This is the website for Caring Connections, a national non-profit organization for member hospice and palliative care providers.  This website provides free, state specific advance directives (living will and healthcare power of attorney) including simple directions and helpful hints. also provides other information and advice to help you to better cope with end of life issues so you may want to take a few minutes to look through this site.

When you go to this site, look at the right side of the Home Page and click on “Download Your State Specific Advance Directive”.  On the next screen scroll down until you see a list of U.S. states and then “click” on your state and just follow the instructions.


Both sites provide legal services for a fee but also offer free trial offers which includes free, state specific wills and powers of attorneys.  These sites also provide access to attorneys in each state to answer your questions and give legal advice.  You will be asked to provide a credit card number for the trial offer, but it is quick and easy to cancel by either calling a toll free phone number or on-line.  Living Smart tested both sites and they both provide easy to understand instructions to complete their documents, telephone help for any questions and ending the free trial offers were quick and easy.  Both sites also offer unlimited access to a large number of legal documents for less than $35 for one month’s use or less than $100 for an entire year.  These fees also include storing your completed documents on their sites for up to five years.


Living Smart has no affiliation with the above organizations and we receive no compensation for including them on our website.  Since Living Smart doesn’t offer legal advice, we are also unable to attest to the legal capabilities of these sites.



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