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Nearly two years ago my marriage to my husband Mike ended after 25 years. The end came suddenly amidst great angst, wailing, recriminations and acting out - which wasn’t surprising as our cats have always been unrepentant drama queens. Though Mike and I avoided all such behavior, we both took it pretty hard. Almost overnight everything changed. Up was down, black was white and, OMG, what do I do now? It reminded me of my first weeks as a college freshman. Over a thousand miles from home and everyone and everything that was loved, familiar and made me feel safe was gone. To my credit, this time I didn’t resort to gulping great quantities of Sloe Gin Fizzes to get me through my terror – I’ve long since graduated to bourbon.

As time passed, incapacitation turned to stock taking which is about as much fun as cleaning out your closets, though both have much in common. You’re forced to take out and examine each and every part of your life and sort into piles. One for the things that no longer fit, one for those things that no longer look good on you or make you feel uncomfortable; and another for the things that fit just right and make you feel good about yourself. When completed, you take inventory of the various piles and decide what to discard; what to keep; what needs mending or altering; and what new things are needed to move forward.

At the end of this agonizing process I came to the inescapable realization that it was past time for me to follow in the footsteps of Ebenezer Scrooge and turn my life upside down and inside out while I still had time. I not only embraced the coffee cup wisdom recommending that “when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned just yell PLOT TWIST and keep going” but I also came to the conclusion that most of life is just a series of plot twists. Or, said in another way, man plans and God laughs.

These past two years have flown by and I’m happy to report that life has never been better. The most unexpected change of all is that I’ve entered into a new marriage - with my old love Mike. It turns out that after we both cleaned out our respective closets and created new, better versions of ourselves, we discovered that we were what each other wanted after all. As I first learned from the brain tumor that nearly killed me and more recently from the collapse of my marriage, you never know what’s around the next corner. Whether you’re facing your own plot twists or are trying to help someone else deal with theirs, we hope that the free tools and resources provided by will make these challenges more manageable. This is the first of our new “Plot Twist” blogs which will be written by me as well as guest bloggers who will try to entertain and maybe even inspire you while we share the plot twists in our day to day lives. We’d love to hear from you about what we’re doing right as well as any suggestions for improvement – just click on this link to share your thoughts with us.

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